Sales force

Has it been a challenge to get your products onto the shelf, finding room for new products or sales-supporting communication with the retailer? We offer you a flexible sales field solution, whether it’s a matter of a temporary lack of resources, the need to extend coverage or an overhaul of your field operations.

We can also take care of seasonal sales and sales campaigns. Papua is a flexible partner when you are in need of more resources to support sales.

Concepts of service

JR sales force

Papua JR sales force offers you professional sales team which covers the whole nation.

Together with you we define the basic structure ofsales executions in POS

  • Chains and Stores
  • Frequencies
  • Targets
  • Sales materials and education

We offer you:

  • Efficient sales team
  • Sales package tailored to your needs
  • Reporting with on-line tool

Areal sales force

Do you need to boost your sales on particular area or chain? Our areal sales force offers you sales person just as per your request.

We have sales solutions for your different needs, for ex temporary substitution, lack of resource at your end caused by sick leave or smaller chain visits.

Together with you we define sales area, stores, visit frequencies and targets. Budgeting is easy because you only pay the fixed sales visits.

Trainee services

New product’s in the market but store personal doesn’t know how to use it? Your own sales persons are too busy to train the store staff?

We offer you professional sales force which can take care of POS trainee and education. We visit over 500 grocery and DIY stores per week. We are able to manage nation wide training’s in short time period.

We can also arrange demodays and activations to consumers in store level.

Campaign sales

In case you have challenges with campaign selling in POS or with chain’s, we have a solution for you.

Papua sales force and merchandising team is able to guarantee campaign selling and campaign set ups all over the nation.

Our efficient sales team is able to reach whole field of hypermarket’s in one week and our nationwide merchandising team takes care of pushing up your campaigns in POS.

You don’t have to do anything else than follow the on-line reporting on web.