Papua Research offers you a broad range of tools with which you can establish, for example, how closely your service commitments are being met, your product availability or customer satisfaction levels, as well as a lot of other essential information regarding your sales.

Carefully designed research will provide you with the means of smoothing the unwanted edges off your processes. There is no longer any need for guess work. PapuaResearch tells you directly what is really happening in-store.

Concepts of service

Assortment check

Are you interested to know if your products are found in the store? Maybe you have made an agreement with chain about assortment but you are not sure if it works properly? Or you want to know if your products are out of stock?

Don’t worry, we can offer you an easy solution. Our OOS research is an easy and efficient service to get correct information about the situation in store level nationwide.

We make regular measurements and perform the research as per our clients demand.  We can check price tags, campaigns, OOS and measure the shelf space.

Mystery shopping

Do you want to know the level of your Customer Service functions? Maybe you want to know what message retailers tell about your products to potential consumers?

Papua mystery shopping is an easy way to figure out the actual customer service in the store. Our mystery shopping personal makes surveys in different environment.

Even if you have retailers and stores all over the Finland and up in th Lapland – we are able to serve you.

Consumer research

A new product launch but you are not sure if consumers have noticed it? Or you want to have consumer feedback for development or marketing purposes?

We can make personal consumer interviews in stores, fairs and shopping malls. Interview-methods may be for example personal polls or web-survey. We can also arrange tests using surveys or new product tastings.

After the survey you get a summary about the research and follow-up for development.

Exit- research

How to measure promotions visibility or success in new product launching? Papua can offer you an easy way to figure that out. We do exit inquiries after cash line or in the exhibitions.

We ask straight feedback from customers and make you a summary which helps you to develop your marketing strategy in the future.