Your products deserve the right presentation, whether it’s a matter of tasting a new product or handing out samples. “The right person, at the right time, in the right place” is a well-used recipe for success but still, making it happen requires experience.

Papua offers you carefully selected and motivated promoters. Whether it is the generation of additional sales, new product launches or additional product presentations.

Concepts of service


New product launched but consumer don’t find it from the shelves. Your brand and advertising is on but nobody won’t buy the products.

We can offer you a professional promotion ladies and mans according to your needs. The only thing what is important to us is to sell your products.

We make co-operation with the marketing company so we can also desing the promotion POS-material and clothing.

Product launches

If you want to catch up a wide mass of consumers or spread the leaflets to right target group you should use our nationwide promotion team.

We offer you a positive and ambitious promoters who can work where ever you want. It can be a fair, a festival or a concert, we are there on time.

We can also organize events together with our marketing company partner.

Events and exhibitions

You have a big customer event coming but you have no clue where you can find enthusiastic promoters? Or maybe you have a nationwide launch tournament coming but you don’t have personnel in smaller cities.

We can offer you a promoters with different kind of events. It could be a two hour trainee event of a breakfast seminar, we have a personnel with right attitude.

Our co-operative marketing agency can design the whole visual expression for your event.

Consumer activations

Do you want to make consumer activation in the store level or make something different in the festival?

We offer you a multiple personnel who can take care of building the bird nests or polishing nails. We need just a clear information what we should do and our inner recruiting team takes care of the rest.

With our co-operative marketing partner we can design and build fair stands and festival events.