Below you will find range of services we provide. In case you need more info or you are interested in our range of services, please contact us and we will be pleased to set it all out in greater detail.

Sales representative service

Do you have challenge in getting your products into shelves in POS, finding room for new products or sales - supporting communication with the retailer?

We offer you flexible Sales Field solution, whether it’s a matter of temporary lack of resources, need to extend coverage or an overhaul of your field operations. We are also able to take care of seasonal sales and sales campaigns. Papua is a flexible partner when you are in need of more resources to support sales.


Even the best marketing campaign can fail to produce results if the customer has to hunt for your product. Our job is to ensure shelf space is guaranteed and that your products really are to hand.

We can also take care of ordering process in the products and arranging seamless contact between you and the retailer. We also handle POS-logistics from our warehouse to merchandisers.


Papua Research offers you a broad range of tools which give you insight information, for example how closely your service commitments are being met, your product availability or customer satisfaction levels, as well as a lot of other essential information regarding your sales.

Carefully designed research will provide you with the means of smoothing the unwanted edges off your processes. There is no longer any need for guessing . Papua Research tells you directly what is really going on in-store.


Your products deserve the right presentation, whether it’s a matter of tasting a new product or handing out samples. “The right person, at the right time, in the right place” is a well-used recipe for success but still, making it happen requires experience.

Papua offers you carefully selected and motivated promoters. Whether it is the generation of additional sales, new product launches or additional product presentations.

Set up services

Papua set up services offers you a professional worker team nationwide. Our team can handle store renowations, category management or different kind of building projects.

We work all over in Finland and also in Sweden and in Estonia if needed. We have worked in DIY sector for decades so we have strong knowledge about this industry.

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