Data Protection Policy

Last modified 24 March 2018
We handle all personal data with confidentiality and in compliance with
the new European Union data protection regulation.
This data protection statement explains what kind of information we
collect about our service-users, how we use this information and how the
user can influence this.

1. What personal data do we collect?

1.1. Data provided by the user, e.g.

– name, email address, address, phone number
– interests and hobbies
– demographic data such as age, gender, title or profession, and
mother tongue
– data needed for the registration of a digital account, including user
name, screen name, and password
– approval for direct marketing via email, SMS and other automated
systems, for instance newsletter subscription
– feedback and contacts from the clients
– replies on draws and competitions
– data provided for questionnaires and studies
– product and order data
– other data collected with user’s approval

1.2. Data received from the use of web services

– the web service’s browser data
– the web service’s user data (for instance user’s method of entry to
the service, browser and device data, cookie identifier, time spent
on service, geographical location)
– shown ads and data on ad clicks

2. How is this personal data used?

We use personal data only for predefined purposes:
With the users’ consent we collect their email addresses, enabling us to
send news and information on our services and products.

We collect information on how our website is used, enabling us to improve
and develop our services.
If a user has joined our mailing list or in another manner given their
approval for direct marketing, we may send them direct marketing
material in electronic form.
With users’ approval we collect personal data, enabling the users to reply
to draws and competitions and participate in them.
We collect data on website users, which enables us to show them
targeted advertisement on products, services and offers that might
interest them, using various communication channels.
We collect information on our website’s users, which enables us to
improve our customer service.
With users’ approval we collect data needed in order to offer or provide
them XXXXX services.

3. Third parties

We use some third-party services. We select these parties carefully to
ensure their compliance with the EU data protection law. These parties
are located in the US and are in compliance with an EU data protection
law -abiding EU-U.S Privacy Shield.
The service may also include cookies from measuring and tracking
services, advertising networks and other third parties. You can read more
about our cookie policy here.

3.1. WP Engine

This website’s hosting services are offered by WP Engine. WP Engine is
committed to observing the EU data protection law. The website is
secured in the following ways, among others: 24 h surveillance, HTTPS
protection, regular updates, and storing collected information in
databases protected by fire-walls, encryption techniques and limited
access control and network access.
More information on WP Engine’s terms can be found here.

3.2. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to measure the use of our web services. Google

Analytics may place cookies on the user’s device to collect data for
example on website’s visitor numbers. This data can also be used for
showing visitors advertisement that is likely to interest them. Cookie is a
small text file the browser downloads to the user’s device. Cookies usually
have an unnamed, user-specific identifier, that allows us to recognise and
count the browsers visiting our website.
You can read our detailed cookie policy here.
More information on Google Analytics’ terms are found here.

3.3. Campaign Monitor/MailChimp

If you join our mailing list/subscribe to our newsletter, your email address
will be forwarded to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, where our
newsletter mailings are administered. Your email address will be stored
on MailChimp or Campaign Monitor database as long as you wish to
receive our newsletter. If you want your data removed from our mailing
list, do get in touch. On each of our newsletters there is a link
(unsubscribe) you can click to report us you no longer want your
information stored on our mailing list.
More information on MailChimp’s terms can be found here.
More information on Campaign Monitor’s terms can be found here.

3.4. Our blogs

If you comment on a blog post, the data you give, such as email address
and name, is automatically saved on our website’s database. In addition
to this your IP address is saved, along with the time and date of
commenting. This data is never forwarded to a third party. Your
comments are stored on our site until we delete either the blog post or
your comment. If you wish to remove your comment, contact us by
emailing to
If you are a Gravatar-user, your Gravatar image is shown along your
comment. More information on Gravatar’s terms can be found here.

3.5. Community plug-ins

Our web service uses community plug-ins, such as the Like or Share
buttons for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These community plug-in
buttons are visible on our service, but their content comes directly from
the button’s source. The community plug-in identifies a user as logged in
to the service in question, allowing the site to show custom content on
the plug-in. If the user is not logged in on the service in question, the
community plug-in will not show custom content. Community plug-in
services can collect data on the user’s visits in compliance with their
privacy policy. The services in question do not cede the data collected to

COMPANY NAME, unless they have a separate approval from the user.

3.6. Privacy on mobile applications

We offer mobile and tablet applications to our users. Mobile applications
that are available through third parties such as Apple’s App Store, Google
Play or Microsoft Store are, in addition to this data protection statement,
in compliance with each service provider’s terms. You can click on these
links to find out more about Apple’s terms, Google’s terms and
Microsoft’s terms.

4. How long is my data stored for?

The data collected is only stored for as long as necessary.

5. How is my personal data protected?

We take all the necessary technical privacy measures to secure our users’
personal data. These measures are for instance the use of fire-walls,
encryption techniques and safe physical collocations, appropriate access
control, controlled access rights and access supervising, and guidance for
the personnel involved in handling the personal data. We also take
measures to ensure that all our subcontractors observe the EU data
protection law.

6. Links to other websites

We do not account for the privacy policies or contents of sites that are
linked to our website and administered by external parties, nor do we
account for their legitimacy or administration. In case you notice illegal or
offensive content on websites linked by us, we appreciate any feedback.

7. How can I influence?

We are committed to offering our users choices and administrative
options when it comes to privacy.

7.1. Direct marketing restriction

The user has the right to forbid the use of their data for direct advertising,
distance sales and other direct marketing by contacting us via email at

7.2. Data checking

The user has the right to check any personal data collected on them. From
the user’s request we can delete or complete any personal data that is
inaccurate or outdated with respect to the aim of handling the personal
data. The user can update and/or check their personal data by contacting

7.3. Blocking cookies

The user can clear all cookies saved on their browser from the browser’s
settings. Blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of our
You can read our detailed cookie policy here.
Data protection officer
Monica Javanainen
+358 (0)45 651 7914
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