Papua Merchandising Oy

Your reliable Partner in below the line Communication, Sales and Merchandising Services focusing on POS

  • Established in 1997
  • More than 50 000 POS Executions annually
  • Personal 150 nationwide
  • Our services grant you tools you need to get your products prominently displayed in-store and achieve sales growth, in addition to arranging campaigns and research to support sales
  • Our SSI network ensures you coverage in Nordics and whole Europe

We are able to help you to ensure your product's visibility and sales growth. In case you need information on retailer's sales interface, product selection's or availability, we have the tools at your disposal. Papua offers you all Field Marketing services under one roof.

We help consumers to find your products and create right framework to facilitate the purchase decision.

By using our services you´ll make sure that merchandising
services will be executed on high quality and cost-effective.


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